Luxury and Innovation in Every Block

Jeff Showman wants your outdoor living space to retain its great look, even after years of constant enjoyment. That’s why his first choice for any project – whether a driveway, seating wall, patio, or courtyard – is Unilock pavers.

Unilock pavers offer the best opportunity for unique and elegant design; in fact they’re the industry standard for durability and quality.

Unilock pavers are constructed so that they are two to four times as durable as concrete.

Examples include Unilock’s proprietary EnduraColor Plus, embedded into the surface of each stone during construction. It will not crack, fade, peel, or delaminate, assuring that your landscape design will look fresh and new far into the future.

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An Infinity of Combinations for a Look that is Uniquely “You”

Experienced hardscape builder Jeff Showman loves designing a look that will reflect your unique needs and desires. Unilock’s wide variety of shapes, textures, and colors means nothing stands in the way of making your vision a reality.

Unilock Paver steps, Greensburg PAUnilock Pavers are:

  • Durable: resistant to salt erosion; tolerant of oil and gas spills
  • Beautiful: offering a designer-inspired color palette
  • Contemporary: for a prestigious, “clean-lined” look
  • Classic: offering vintage stone and weathered brick textures
  • Versatile: with compatible borders, insets, and accents
  • Safe: providing a slip-resistant surface in all sorts of weather
  • Backed by a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee

Jeff Showman’s First Choice

Let Showman Hardscapes and Unilock come together to create a look that will be uniquely yours, striking, elegant, and perfect for any need.

Why not make the choice so many have made since 1997? Contact Jeff Showman to begin the process of transforming your property into the welcoming showplace your family deserves.