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Did you know a patio can have “rooms”? Jeff Showman demonstrates how well-placed accents and elegantly designed pavers can give the impression of area rugs, create designated walkways that control the flow of traffic, and offer intimate conversation areas.

Both patios and courtyards add bonus space to your home, giving you the comforts of interior living out-of-doors.

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Exploit the Vertical Dimension

Too often people think of patios and courtyards in terms of a flat, uninterrupted horizontal space.

Jeff Showman knows that adding vertical features, from walls and fireplaces to pillars and pergolas, transforms a mere patio into an outdoor living space.

Vertical features allow for the division of comfort areas – perhaps a sports bar on one side, while a seating wall emphasizes a blooming garden on the other.

Did You Know?

Front courtyards are one of the most up and coming design trends!

These beautiful spaces expand your use of the front area of your house. Like the front porch of old, they invite interaction with your neighbors, while allowing for a cozy, private space.

Or consider transforming your patio or pool deck into a sports bar for the big game. Movie night becomes something special when it’s held outside.

Expand your entertainment options. Jeff Showman can install outdoor lighting and electronics for you!

Pool Decks:The Ambiance of a Luxury Resort

Call on Jeff Showman to design and build a pool deck that combines practicality and luxury.

High-end Unilock Pavers are the secret ingredient in making your outdoor living dream come true. With Unilock pavers you can have a pool deck that:

  • Provides a safe, non-slip surface
  • Is created from pavers stronger than most natural stone
  • Is constructed from a unique blend of color alternatives
  • Is complimented by custom-designed copings and borders

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