Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting brings an Ornamental Glow to Outdoor Spaces

Installed by Jeff Showman

As a licensed electrician, Jeff Showman can assure the proper installation of your outdoor lighting during the construction of your new patio, pool deck, or courtyard.

This eliminates the awkward delays and unforeseen consequences of working with subcontractors.

Jeff also understands lighting from the inside out. He’ll be able to advise just what sort of lighting fixture will give you the effect you desire.

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Extend your outdoor living beyond the daylight hours. A quiet evening is a great time to enjoy your new patio or courtyard.

Imagine lounging in your elegant outdoor spaces after a midnight swim or toasting marshmallows in your built-in patio fireplace.

How about discrete, attractive lighting along your new outdoor stairs and front courtyard?

When Jeff Showman designs outdoor spaces, some of his favorite products are fixtures from Kichler Outdoor Lighting.

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Indoor Elegance, Designed for the Out of Doors

You’ve set a standard for elegant lighting in your home, now let Jeff Showman and Kichler Lighting bring that same touch of grace to your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Lighting Options include:Patio Lighting

With Kichler lighting, you’re investing in the best. Shouldn’t you choose an experienced outdoor hardscape craftsman to create an outdoor lighting atmosphere that will delight your family and guests for years to come?

Why not make the choice so many have made since 1997? Contact Jeff Showman to begin the process of transforming your property into the welcoming showplace your family deserves. 



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