Seating Walls

The Perfect Patio Accent

Seat Walls provide the perfect patio accent or patio enclosure.

They are especially useful near your outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Add outdoor lighting on the wall anchor points, and you’ve created the ultimate patio experience.

Depending on your property’s landscape features, a seating wall can double as a retaining wall or support for a raised garden.

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Q: But Where Will Everyone Sit?
A: No, Problem! We Have Seating Walls.

You’ve designed your patio for maximum beauty.

You’ve carefully chosen Unilock pavers with contrasting borders and accents. Now it’s time to entertain. Do you really want to cover this all up with mismatched folding chairs?

Far better to include a seat wall as part of your initial design.

Avoid Clutter, Minimize Chaos

Seating walls are about eighteen inches high – the same height as your average bench or chair - and about a foot wide. They are faced with smooth material, inviting your guests to make themselves comfortable. Want your walls taller or wider? Master hardscape craftsman Jeff Showman can meet your needs.

Seating walls also can be used to define areas of a patio, courtyard, or pool deck, creating natural traffic patterns to minimize clutter and confusion. When you’re not entertaining, seating walls are a convenient place to display planters or garden ornaments.Wall Seating

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Elegance and Efficiency in One Feature

Seating walls offer value and flexibility. A seat wall:

Ask Jeff Showman how best to incorporate seating walls into your outdoor space. Once you have them, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

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