Retaining Wall

Transforming Uneven Properties into Showcase Landscapes

Retaining walls for the Greensburg area

At Showman Hardscapes, we are no strangers to working with hilly, broken, and eroded terrain of Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties.

For over 17 years, we’ve been turning the most challenging landscapes into outstanding, terraced showplaces.

We’re confident in our ability to bring a touch of elegance to your property through the expert application of retaining walls, Unilock pavers, and landscape lighting.

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Let’s face it. Western Pennsylvania is hilly. Many of us have yards that are on so many levels that we can use and enjoy only a fraction of the space.

A retaining wall of ugly cinderblocks and soon to be crumbling  logs is not the answer.

Custom retaining walls by Jeff Showman provide the best solution.

At Showman Hardscapes, only the best in Unilock verticals and building materials are used to bring out and enhance the natural beauty of the land.

Unilock’s wide variety of colors, textures, and accessories means that your retaining walls will be an accent, not an eyesore. From Rivercest™ walls with the character and flexibility of natural stone to Estate® walls with their unique antique-textured finish, you just can’t go wrong.

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Discover How Much Useable Land You Actually Have

Terracing provides an excellent solution to the problems that come with a hilly piece of property. By using retaining walls to create separate levels to your yard, you acquire area that can be used for many purposes.

Small terraced areas can be used for raised beds that you can fill with cascading flowers or bountiful vegetable gardens. Larger terraced areas can become play places, patios, lounging areas, or supply extra parking.

Best of all, you’ll be controlling erosion, thereby eliminating the shifting and settling that can cause damage to the foundation of your home.

Retaining Walls can:

Jeff Showman Has the Extensive Skill and Knowledge You Need

As you might guess, building walls restrain the natural tendency of your land to erode, while at the same time providing beautiful accents takes a high degree of skill. Jeff Showman himself will be on hand from the preparation of the ground to the laying of the base course, all the way to the installation of your selection of custom Unilock blocks.

With this level of care, you can be sure your walls will last a lifetime and more. To get started, call 724-523-8422, or visit our Contact page today!



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