Peroglas with Planters

Pergolas are often associated with climbing vines.

At Showman Hardscapes, we can design custom planter installations that set off the look of your new pergola like never before.

Whether it’s a vine planter for your pergola or stone work to contain colorful flower displays around your pool deck, Jeff Showman creates a style, including outdoor lighting solutions, that offers a signature look for your home.

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Get more use out of your oudoor living space by adding a pergola.

The Elegance & Beauty of a Pergola

Pergolas create shade and shelter. They can be constructed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from a covered walkway to a comfortable sitting area. Pergolas should be designed with supports that coordinate both with the rest of your hardscape and with your home.

Master hardscape builder Jeff Showman can advise you on materials that will create the custom styling you desire, whether clean-lined contemporary or exotic Mediterranean.

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Don’t Forget the Lighting!

Both pergolas and patios benefit from the addition of attractive lighting.

Quality lighting adds safety as well, encouraging you to enjoy a get-together or cozy chat after dark.

Jeff Showman can advise you as to a wide variety of lighting options, including those from Kichler Outdoor Lighting and Special Lite Products.

Best of all, Showman Hardscapes installs the lighting as part of your project, assuring its perfect placement in your custom outdoor space.

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