Outdoor Kitchen and Bars

Make Entertainment a Breeze with Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

Don’t Miss Your Own Party

Too often when entertaining outdoors, the hosts end up missing their own party, either because they’re inside mixing drinks or forgotten offstage, hovering over a grill.

With Jeff Showman, a properly designed outside cooking and hosting area puts you at the heart of the action and the fun.

Food preparation, drink mixing, and hosting become part of the conversation and the entertainment!

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Planning a cook-out for family and friends? Having a few guests over for drinks before a trip to the theater? Getting together to cheer on the Steelers, Pirates, or Penguins?

Whatever your plans, an outdoor bar or outdoor kitchen will add to the fun and excitement.

Think of it! No more rushing from the house to the patio to serve your guests. Everything will be in one place, custom designed to suit your specific needs.

Designed with forethought and functionality, outdoor kitchens and bars by Jeff Showman bring a thrill to the most casual get-together. To get started, call 724-523-8422, or visit our Contact page today!

Outdoor Sinks, Lighting,
Countertops, and more!

Jeff Showman can build just what you want, as well as show you design trends you may not have seen.

Are you looking for a simple dry bar with a place to store ice chests and serve beverages? Maybe you’d prefer a full wet bar complete with running water, refrigeration, and an electrical outlets for blenders and appliances? Jeff can do that, too.

Have you always dreamed of owning a built-in grill? Perhaps you’d like a prep area as well, complete with scratch resistant countertops. Maybe you’d like a storage area for your tools or a few burners to keep side dishes hot.

When designing your outdoor cooking facility or bar, Jeff Showman suggests you consider:

Work with hardscape craftsman Jeff Showman to create a functional outdoor cooking area with striking visual appeal for both day and evening entertainment.

To inquire about your outdoor bar or kitchen, call 724-523-8422, or complete the easy form on our Contact page.


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