Special Lite Products

Brilliant Variety in Lighting, Complementary Design Elements

Installed by Jeff Showman

As a licensed electrician, Jeff Showman can assure the proper installation of your outdoor lighting during the construction of your new patio, pool deck, or courtyard.

This eliminates the awkward delays and unforeseen consequences of working with subcontractors.

Jeff also understands lighting from the inside out. He’ll be able to advise just what sort of lighting fixture will give you the effect you desire.

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Why come inside just because the sun has set?

On a great evening, it’s time to linger on your patio or alongside your pool. The wide variety of lighting options offered by Special Lite products lets you extend daytime fun into nighttime entertainment.

Jeff Showman recommends Special Lite products because of their extensive choices.

Whether your styling is contemporary, classic, or your own unique blending of elements, Special Lite has something for you.

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Unity of Vision

Special Lite isn’t just about light fixtures. It’s about a unified design experience. Update your mailbox, newspaper tubes, address plaques, and other elements to coordinate with your new lighting. Each Special Lite product is a signature piece designed to withstand the rigors or Western PA’s worst weather.

Special Lite’s Offerings include:

Easy lighting installation by Jeff Showman

Once you choose your lighting and accessories, Jeff Showman himself will handle the installation. This hands-on attention to detail is what makes working with Showman Hardscapes so special.

Contact Jeff today and bring light to your outdoor life! To learn more, call 724-523-8422, or visit our Contact page today! 



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